Training DVDs




  1. 1.What is News?  how any kind of news is defined

  2. 2.Reporting & Stories what are they, really

  3. 3.Types of TV News Stories    how individual news stories are organized

  4. 4.News Show Organization    how any news show is broken up and produced; who                     does what and what technology is needed; the “run                    down”

  5. 5.News Production Organization    who does what to get a show on the air

  6. 6.Broadcast News Writing    the fundamentals of how to write for broadcast

  7. 7.Package elements        the parts of a reporter “package” story

  8. 8.Journalism Ethics how journalists should conduct themselves


  1. 1.How To Interview techniques of television interviews

  2. 2.Press Conferences  how to cover them; what to look for

  3. 3.Videography Basics how to shoot video for broadcast news

  4. 4.Telling Stories Through People    how to use make stories more effective by tell                    ing them through people   

  5. 5.Anchoring the fundamentals of TV anchoring

  6. 6.Reporter “Stand ups” the fundamentals of reporters appearing on camera

  7. 7.Graphics when and how to use graphics within stories

  8. 8.Video Podcasting the basics of single camera story telling

  9. 9. Freedom of Information    basics for what information is legally available to journalists