1. Design:

  2. Though our most visible “face” is our training services, IMC believes in a comprehensive view of an organization. You can't run a successful business if your ad revenue cannot support the equipment you bought and the staff you have to pay. We like to work with clients to develop plans that make the most of their investment in equipment and people while keeping the focus on their vision of what their business should be. To those ends we can provide services like...

  3. •Business Plan review

  4. •Hiring Criteria and Practices

  5. •Editorial Practices and Procedures

  6. •Technical Facility Design

  7. •Production Process Design and Review

  8. IMC launches channels. But behind the launch is a design. To us an operation is not a room full of equipment and a bunch of employees. We view a  successful project as the creation of a successful business, which means taking into account financing, construction, advertising, technology, partnerships and expenses. Strong clients for us are ones who launch an operation within sound business plan in addition to sound technology and training.

  9. IMC wants to be involved with a clients project as early on as possible. We have the knowledge learned from many launches to bring to the conversation.

  10. If you have an unlimited budget it is easy to launch a TV station, if you don’t, then we can help you make cost effective choices to achieve your goals. International Media Consultants Broadcast News Journalism