About Our Clients
  1. Bullet IMC’s clients tends to be “non traditional” players in the broadcast market.

  2. Bullet Many are already involved in “media” other than television and see a need for a unique voice or perspective in their country.

  3. Bullet They looked to IMC for creative and cost effective ideas on how to implement their goals.

  4. Bullet Most of the time they are under tight budgets and timelines.

These are some of our clients and brief descriptions of the projects we have worked with them on. International Media Consultants Broadcast News Journalism


STAR India - Star Ananda Kolkata

Design, training and launch of national Bangla news channel, Star Ananda. Spring 2005



GEO TV Pakistan (Karachi/Dubai)

In the 2002 IMC helped design, training and launch a 24hr Urdu network for The Jang Group. GEO TV has been very successful, dominating private broadcasting in Pakistan. In 2004 Geo TV receives an International Broadcast Excellence Award for the impact the channel has had on Pakistan.


PULS TV Vienna Austria

2003-2004 Design, training and launch of a Vienna city news channel, one of the first private news broadcasters in Austria.


TV Today Group - Aaj-Tak Headlines Today

IMC helped design, train and launch Aaj-Tak in 2000. The first private news channel in India its success is unprecendented. It has been voted “Best News Channel” for six years in a row.  Headlines Today followed in 2003 as Indias first exclusively English channel.



Training and launch of national English language news channel, CNN-IBN. Fall 2005

Training and launch of Marathi language channel (IBN Lokmat) in Mumbai, Fall 2007, the channel is scheduled to be cleared by April 2008.

Voice of America

Consulting on new Media Center combining television, radio and web based news gathering and production.


Alsumaria TV  Lebanon/Iraq

An independent Iraqi Satellite TV Network that transmits on Nilesat from its temporary offices in Lebanon . Alsumaria was established by a group of professional businessmen in 2004. It includes a solid staff of 300 employees in Iraq and 150 in Lebanon . In a span of two years, Alsumaria has managed to become one of the most dynamic and watched TV stations in Iraq .



IMC was hired to audit the existing process for NDTV, NDTV 24x7 and Profit in Delhi. IMC focused on communication channels, organizational structure and its impact on current news product and expansion plans.


PINK Media Group Limited

Pink is the “largest media group in Eastern Europe” with operations covering television, radio, film and transportation. IMC is currently conducting a technical and editorial audit designed to improve product, communications and profitability in Pinks media operations.

Somoy TV, Bangladesh

Lead training and helped launch the first national Bangla news channel in Bangladesh, Spring 2011

CNC3/Guardian Media, Trinidad-Tobago

Retrained the staff and helped redesign this aggressive news gathering organization, as well as consulting on convergence. 2012-2013