1. “Real” two column television scripts.

  2. Standard television news inserts... V/O, SOT, Package, etc.

  3. Instructions between columns stay in sync as document is edited.

  4. Built in teleprompter

  5. Spell Checking in OSX

  6. Television style printing or intelligent operability with CAN Prompter to strip out video instructions. International Media Consultants Broadcast News Journalism

CAN Script (Formerly VidiScript)

  1. Macintosh client or server running OSX 10.1+

  2. Windows 2000+ w/QuickTime™


  1. CAN Script is an
    application that allows you to write two column television scripts.
  2. You type the script text in the right column and when you want to "embed" a command in the script you can either click on one of the icons in the toolbar, or using the "enter" key select from a popup menu of commands. To edit the details of the command you double click on it to bring up a template editor.

  3. CAN Script is a document based editor so you can have multiple scripts open at the same time and cut/copy/paste between them. It also has a built in spell checker.

  4. Press the “Prompt” button to show the right column text in a full screen scrolling teleprompter.

  5. CAN Script is available for MacOSX and Windows.

  1. CAN Script is shareware, and will work without being licensed. We would encourage you to support our efforts by buying a license.

  2. The single user license fee is $50, with educational discounts and site licenses available.

  3. Contact IMC for more information or buy a license using Paypal. International Media Consultants Broadcast News Journalism

Current Version 1.09b

 MAC OSXhttp://www.intelligentmc.com/software/CANScript.ziphttp://www.intelligentmc.com/software/CANScript.zipshapeimage_6_link_0