1. TV show rundown creation with timing and story information.

CAN Rundown (Formerly VidiRundown)

  1. Macintosh OS X 10.1+

  2. Windows client or server running XP/2000/Vista/NT/7

  3. Linux GTK 2.2+


  1. CAN Rundown is an application that allows you to compose and manage rundowns for television or video production.

  2. CAN Rundown automatically adds up TRT running time and backtime. You can shift or drag and drop row to reorder items. It can also keep track of program blocks A,B,C... if you place breaks between.

  3. Skipping an item grays the item out and takes its duration out of the show timing, but does not remove it from the rundown. It can be “unskipped” to add it back into the show later.

  4. Customizable writers list and standard inserts.

  1. CAN Rundown is shareware, and will work without being licensed. We would encourage you to support our efforts by buying a license.

  2. The single user license fee is $50, with educational discounts and site licenses available.

  3. Contact IMC for more information or buy a license using Paypal. International Media Consultants Broadcast News Journalism

Current Version 2.1.3 May 2009

 MAC OSXhttp://www.intelligentmc.com/software/CANRundown.ziphttp://www.intelligentmc.com/software/CANRundown.zipshapeimage_6_link_0
  1. Linux
    (coming soon!)

Click here to view a short CAN Rundown intro movie.
(requires Quicktime)